Downtown L.A. Is changing March 23, 2016

Los Angeles downtown is getting two new additions. The tallest building west of the Mississippi and another project which looks huge and next to LA Live.

Photo Mar 03, 3 34 56 PM


StarFall Movie Pitch Trailer – The art of “Trailorizing” a Song March 6, 2016

Photo Jan 09, 2 54 15 PMAt Pasadena Firehouse studios recording Vocals for the trailer/movie pitch score to “StarFall”. We “Trailorized” the 90’s song “Kiss the Rain” by Bilie Myers.

“Trailorizing” songs is all the rage nowadays for movie campaigns. Bringing the vibe of the original song but making it “trailer friendly” opens up the reach of the movie trailer as it relates more to the target audience who originally liked the song.

There are different ways to go about Trailorizing a song, sometimes it entails editing the original music master before or after a trailer track and other times it is a whole new production. We ended up analyzing and recreating the music for the original track. Since the song was pop from the 90’s we decided to change the harmony of the chords to enable the “feel” to be more appropriate for trailer music and orchestral and electronic instruments. Later we produced the song without vocals and making a completely new track with current instruments you hear in today trailers. Once that was ready we brought in a professional singer to record the vocals of the original track but varying the “feel” and intonation to match the trailer track.

We worked closely with the producer of the movie pitch to get the vibe of the trailer. The creative back forth made it very easy to come up with something very cool.  Sadly we cannot show it but hopefully it will soon be picked up!



Studio Upgrade – Custom Sample PC February 22, 2016

We need powerful PCs to host the thousands of samples to make cool sounding music as well as Orchestral samples.

Therefore Here you can see a build of an I7 5820k with ASrock extreme 4 with 128 gigabyte of RAM.

and 6TB of storage. Yes, we need a ton of Ram. The i7 spec say you cannot have more than 64gb of ram but we cheated the system!

Building these are quite fun.

Photo Jan 08, 6 40 14 PM


Scratch vocal day February 14, 2016

Photo Apr 02, 2 30 42 PM

Recording some vocals to mangle later on some breakbeat tracks! The TC Helicon is awesome for this.


Custom Composer Desk January 12, 2016


Of course our lead composer needs to have the best of the best. Here is a Sci-fi Custom Desk made by a talented craftsmen in LA.








New Album: Action X Drums January 2, 2016

PulseSetter’s new album focuses on hardcore drum arrangements for any action scene of a tv show, film or trailer.  The drum arrangements were carefully crafted to fit into a variety of action sequences, trailers, Ad promos or anywhere where drums alone will suffice but at the same time other elements can be easily added.

Listen to Action X Drums here



Colorful Orchestra October 30, 2015

Painted the OrchestraWorking with an Orchestra is fun. Doing photoshop to the session pictures is even more fun!








PulseSetter DJ MIX1 May 23, 2015

PulseSetter DJ Mixtape presenting the top artists nowadays in Electronic music and some PulseSetter tracks in between. Need anything like this for an energy driven Ad, trailer or promo? No probs! let us know.

Cinematic Demo –
Choni at the Helm of Studio B

PulseSetter Mission Statement April 23, 2015

What is PulseSetter? Is it our brand of custom music that focuses on modern scoring for any media.

We have been doing scores and music productions in Los Angeles for over a decade after attending Berklee College of Music film scoring and synthesis programs. We have done a whole bunch of styles for a whole bunch of media outlets with a sizable range of budgets. We know what’s needed to convey emotion and reach an audience and enhance the director’s story. We decided that our forte and passion is electronic styles of music for any media. We love new technologies, new gear, synthesizers and sound manglers to process little bitty things like  a 20 piece orchestra. We love getting a signature sound using organic elements mixed with other worldly sounds. Its a new age in music production and we love living in it. We love the future, the scifi, the imagery with extreme color correction that we can get our hands on to score a similar audible counterpart. We love strong-attention getting trailers, pulsating game scoring synths and tension filling TV thrillers. That’s what we study and forums we hang out in. That’s the sound difference we try to achieve and help producers find in a new open sea of musical sounds for media. The platform of music with the power of technology we try to innovate and reach for the skies…or better yet.. space. (Where is a theremin when you need one!)




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