PulseSetter Music is a boutique creative company in Los Angeles that provides cinematic modern scoring for any media .

We specialize in creating hybrid music by combining live performances from the best orchestral musicians available in Los Angeles and in Europe with years of passion, obsession and experience manipulating sound, working with electronic music and using state of the art hardware and software tools to provide a unique musical sound experience.

Pulsesetter services include: Original music scoring for any media and custom music library licensing


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  • Who are you guys?

    We are a small network of LA composers with a huge fire power of music gear and chops.

    Our passion for hybrid styles of music brought us together.

  • Is this a music library?

    Yes and No, we do custom music specializing in electronic genres. We like working with directors/producers/clients to achieve their "sound vision" of the music.

    With that said... We do have tracks not tide to a release which you can browse on our music library section.We have periodic releases so keep checking back!

  • Do you guys do trailer music?

    Yes! love'em epic, soul crushing trailers as well as the sinister tension ones.

  • What are your prices?

    Depends so please email us with your project exposure. It also varies if we use real orchestra or not

  • What does PulseSetter mean?

    It is the name a fictional character from the future. He is the one making the cool music.

  • Is PulseSetter-Sounds.com also you?

    Yes, we create sample libraries, music loops and soundest for synthesizers for other composers under that website/name.

  • Do you only do trailers and promos?

    No, we also do full feature scoring, tv and game scores. We have in house composers who focus on different fields.

  • Do you use Orchestras?

    We use both Live orchestra and top of the line sample based orchestras

  • Why only electronic hybrid music?

    We still like to keep it "organic sounding" or "future edge" but classical / traditional got a little boring for us. And aim to for the new hollywood sound

    Music gear, synths and music software is our drug. We just need more!

  • What does electronic hybrid music even mean?

    It's the type of music you listen in big blockbuster trailers. Some orchestra is in there but also odd sounds, big percussion, and synths.

    It is the style heard in movies like "Tron, Social Network, Drive and plenty of Hans Zimmer scores, just to give a quick reference. Also in video games like call of duty, battlefield 4 etc.


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